The Red Meadows

by Neil Sogge




The Red Meadows’ narrative unfolds in a Nazi military hospital prison where Danish saboteur Michael Lans languishes, retracing his memories through flashbacks and wracked by tumultuous dreams surrounding the events preceding his capture.


He plays diversionary mind games with a wound during his confines on a hard hospital bed, longs for his love interest in Ruth, and befriends a sympathetic German guard named Steinz.  Author Neil Sogge weaves seemingly disparate events that provide a dramatic background leading to the central motivating event (Michael’s capture by the Nazis) of this work of dramatic force and heart-gripping nostalgia – the romantic outings with Ruth, the paranoia given in his work as a  saboteur, and the grand assault on a Nazi aircraft factory on which he was captured.


Torture and interrogation do not break him.  Memories of his former life are what kept him strong.  The love for Ruth and his former companions kept him alive in the face of death and its Hitlerian minions. On The Red Meadows, Michael Lans’ soul plays the music of the young, the brave, and the faithfully loving.